Serving as your single point of accountability, with short service level agreements and the widest range of carrier mediums, Echo Namibia offers flexible and modular solutions through our connectivity and VPN products which can be tailored to your business needs. 

Connectivity has become a critical component of every business's digital strategy. To maximise the benefits of hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and mobile-first environments, enterprises need to take a flexible approach to connectivity, enabling them to scale as required. When considering network structure and connectivity, businesses are becoming less concerned with pure bandwidth and more concerned with direct connections between their databases, software platforms and ISP’s.

In its simplest form, interconnection is achieved through strategic fibre cabling or virtual circuits within a data centre facility, where multiple carriers, clouds, content and application providers, and enterprises connect directly to one another. From 2018 to 2021 there was a 70% increase in interconnection and this growth is accelerating.


Affordability: the architecture means implementation overhead costs are significantly reduced, because the cross connects to other parties in the eco-system are more affordable than traditional long haul metro links.

Speed: lower latency is the name of the game, as an interconnected network ensures that data takes the optimal path.

Growth and scalability: enterprises can rapidly tap into new channels and markets. Because deployment is simple and upgrade paths dynamic, it’s easy to scale when you choose the right partner.

Increased resilience and decreased downtime: networks are far more resilient than complex point to point connections. If one part of the network goes down or is prone to error, an interconnected or meshed network ensures that lines of communication and collaboration remain functional.

Direct access: direct access to network providers; global content suppliers; IT services organisations; multiple ISP’s for diverse internet, and exchange points or IXP’s;  content delivery networks; enterprises and financial service providers.

Security: the public internet can largely be bypassed, resulting in reduced vulnerability and fewer places for things to go wrong.


We offer several quality and high throughput, fixed wireless point-to-point data services in the licensed and unlicensed spectrum, depending on your specific requirements. 

Licensed Wireless: dedicated connectivity between two specific sites, with guaranteed speeds and unlimited data usage. 

Unlicensed Wireless: while licensed spectrum is often preferred, unlicensed offerings provide a cost-effective and robust alternative to the licensed services. These are often used as failover links, or for sites which are less critical than 99.5% uptime.


The increased demand for connectivity has led to a proliferation in last mile technology options. Due to the overall lower cost and greater reliability, more and more fibre has been laid throughout the country, with DSL being phased out in areas where fibre is available. 

Our network architecture caters for multiple connections into our managed service environment, allowing us to aggregate a variety of carriers and connectivity types, including fibre, satellite, wireless, and more.


We offer a range of VSAT solutions including Ka, Ku and C-Band services across Africa, providing high network availability and reliability. From a single user to a small or medium-sized business, our satellite solutions are tailored to deliver cost-effective and high-quality connectivity across the continent; including standard broadband, dedicated capacity for custom solutions and mobile backhaul, backup links for alternative connections, ATM connections, CCTV and IoT deployments in remote locations.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

We offer premium internet access via our multi-carrier converged network, providing the best and most resilient local and international internet breakout options. 

The significant investment in our expansive VPN and core network platforms enables high-speed and direct access into all local and international transit and peering points, facilitating the best end-user experience possible as well as the ability to easily access and create communities. 

Our framework allows us the flexibility to easily insert new networks and infrastructure into our converged platform, providing our clients with the latest and most cost-effective internet access. This approach accommodates diversity and eliminates single-points-of-failure

Whether we are provisioning internet services separately to multiple sites for a single client, or multiple sites for multiple clients of a wholesale service provider, we are able to aggregate all of the bandwidth into a single port. This model means that our corporate clients and wholesale service providers alike are able to gain economies of scale from their total internet requirements. 

IP Transit

Our IP transit product provides high performance, cost-effective connectivity to both the domestic and global internet.

We guarantee network redundancy and resilience through diverse border crossings to the undersea cables that link with our upstream service providers. 

Business Broadband

Our business broadband services are provisioned across various last mile technologies and carriers to provide cost-effective, best effort end-to-end connectivity.

Cross Connect

As an alternative to two companies exchanging data over the public Internet, we provide cost-effective, secure, dedicated, and direct cross connect services for our clients to connect to their partners colocated in the same data centre. 

With practically unnoticeable latency, the solution provides far superior performance in addition to the security benefits.

Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB)

Our interconnect partnerships with infrastructure providers enable us to provide high-speed bandwidth access and true converged services right to your doorstep across multiple networks. 

Through fibre optic installations, we bring our clients access to value-added communication services over a low latency and reliable link. 

National Backhaul (NLD)

Our redundant national long distance backhaul (NLD) utilises a multitude of the top carriers in the country to provide a resilient service for backhaul between major metro regions. 

Our NLD is deployed in a high availability architecture, while using multiple underlying carriers which allows us to offer our NLD as various models to support your business requirements. This includes VPN NLD, high speed internet failover, backhaul, cloud inter-regional replication, and much more.