With an unbiased view of the various cloud and hosting models, Echo Zambia can unify and manage your environment, be it building your own private cloud, leveraging hyperscale providers, or deploying a hybrid multi-cloud approach.


When combining our cloud competence with our network offerings, we provide a holistic view of your environment, as well as a single point of accountability across diverse technologies. We also offer traditional hosting solutions in superior data centre facilities across the globe. This, coupled with in-country support across Africa, makes us the perfect strategic partner for co-location and peering.

Our vendor-neutral data centre partners provide clients with an interconnection hub to a variety of technology and cloud partners. Whether you are looking for private cloud or perhaps to leverage the scale and reach of the hyperscale providers such as AWS or Azure, we will assist in making your cloud journey a reality.

As technology continues to rapidly advance, cloud discussions can seem daunting but they don't need to be. Our aggregation of networks merges leading infrastructure and cloud platforms, allowing us to collaborate with our clients and design fit for purpose roadmaps both to and through the cloud.

With the power of new generation cloud services as well as the advances in various cloud models, the evolution in what cloud has to offer has moved beyond traditional IaaS discussions, to leveraging an organisation's data to provide insights that enable them to work smarter.

Data analytics, machine learning, IoT/IoE and RPA are no longer geared towards large enterprises and can now be utilised by any business with an appetite for embracing the future of technology.

We view constructing a cloud roadmap much like constructing a building. If the foundation is not structurally sound, the integrity and function could be at risk.

A cloud migration strategy should be seen more as a business re-engineering model than a technical architecture, and it takes meticulous planning and expertise to get this right. Our cloud workshops are fully bespoke to each client's current and future needs.

Once your cloud roadmap has been completed, we can then offer further ad-hoc professional and managed services to make sure that your cloud environment is maintained optimally and that you are leveraging the best technology advancements, as and when they become available.

Once your cloud roadmap has been completed, we can then offer further ad-hoc professional and managed services to make sure that your cloud environment is maintained optimally and that you are leveraging the best technology advancements, as and when they become available.

The democratisation of cloud services means that a multi-cloud strategy becomes possible but with each cloud provider having their own framework, managing a multi-cloud environment becomes challenging. We are not only able to manage and optimise these environments for you, but can also provide a single point of contact and a consolidated monthly bill for all your cloud services.

In a data driven world, deriving the best value from your data will ensure that you remain competitive

The concept of big data is not new and data analytics has been around for many years. The power of cloud means that anyone can experience the benefits of cloud data storage as well as running analytics to achieve real-time feedback, providing insights for immediate decision-making.

The ability to work faster and stay agile has become critical to organisations and we maximise this advantage for our clients.

Just like each individual company has its own structural and operational nuances, so should each cloud journey. The difficulty most companies experience is defining a roadmap that makes sense for their own cloud strategy.

Through our cloud workshops, we assist in developing or evolving a roadmap to ensure your required outcomes are met. The workshop assists you in reviewing your current application architecture, understand possible cloud migration strategies, and provide a roadmap to an improved cloud architecture.

The components of a solid cloud roadmap consider both migration strategies as well as optimised architecture patterns. The outcome is an agreed strategy per application, or application groups.

Skywalker - Video AI

Skywalker provides artificial intelligence vision as a service, and converts existing IP surveillance cameras into smart cameras.

Providing analytics driven by AI and machine learning, Skywalker is a powerful source of information for compliance as a service in industries such as mining and construction; retail analytics; and intelligent perimeter and internal security.

The multi-tenant edge to cloud architecture is managed via a centralised dashboard, providing device management and alerts.

Easy to deploy, Skywalker is API-ready, integrates into existing management systems and continually improves the quality of data provided due to machine learning.

Cloud Service Provider - Microsoft 365

Echo is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) of all Microsoft Office licenses - a subscription service that combines several traditional Microsoft applications with new ones, all of which are enabled over the cloud.

The Office suite enables business users to save documents to the cloud, through the storage available in OneDrive. We will advise you on the licensing solution that best fits your business needs, provided as a pay-per-use model, making working from anywhere achievable while streamlining monthly expenditure.


Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is the use of virtual servers/machines, typically hosted in an offsite environment. The virtual machines are run as subsets of a large-scale deployment of physical devices, enabling virtual machines to scale quickly and be centrally managed.

These virtual servers allow for a variety of operating systems and application software to run on the shared environment as though they were stand-alone servers and are offered to clients on demand. Resources are scalable, elastic in near real time, and metered by use.


Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) can play an important role in organisation-wide cloud strategies, by acting as a pilot for more extensive on-demand services. At a time when budgets are under pressure, organisations are finding ways to reduce costs while remaining agile enough to advance alongside their competitors. Investing in the latest programming tools and testing platforms is no longer a viable option.

PaaS delivers the underlying infrastructure and development tools required to build and deploy cloud applications, freeing your organisation’s time and resources to focus on core business activities. Hyperscale providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google facilitate such offerings.


Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the most comprehensive form of cloud computing services and delivers an entire application, managed by the provider, over the Internet.

SaaS clients can dramatically lower costs; deploy, scale, and upgrade business solutions more quickly than maintaining on-premises systems and software; and predict total cost of ownership with greater accuracy. One of the largest growing SaaS offerings is Microsoft’s O365 product, partly attributed to the high uptake in remote work.

Virtual Data Centre

Our VDC (virtual data centre) offering provides you with a pay-per-use IaaS model, hosted in excellent data centre facilities. You no longer need to cater for large capex expenses associated with a hardware refresh or predict (guess) the resources you will need over the next few years.

This virtual hosting environment offers leading technology at your fingertips, with the ability to easily scale on a fully resilient server platform. Where hardware corruptions may occur, the load for that hardware is seamlessly moved to alternate components. You no longer need to worry about the reliability of your systems hardware.


Having your data stored in a secure environment is critical for the long-term success of any business. Significant time and resources are allocated to building a company's proprietary data and the loss of that information may cause reputational damage, lost revenue and possible bankruptcy. 

We have various solutions for backups and each one is uniquely crafted to fit your specific business requirement. Whether you are looking to protect your business-critical data or to store files for long term retention/archiving, we have a solution for you. Our IaaS storage services cater for short and long-term backup retention, and we have multiple hosting facilities that enable offsite backups where required.